As our guests are from all places in the world, we will write this interview in English – it’s a exception!

Paul Day – owner and entrepreneur from Day Studios – is one hairdresser to follow. His CUT-TO-CHARACTER working method is fresh and new. So let’s get to know this talented humble man!

How are you? And what is your professional background?
Great thanks! Originally I’m from New Zealand and of Samoan decent. I had a fascination and an eager attitude towards hair, fashion and lifestyle, which lead me down the road of cutting myself and friends for years. Wanting to broaden my skills, I took up hairdressing which didn’t last as long as expected. Eventually it lead me to the art of “Tonsorial” or as we know, Barbering.

Tell us a bit more about your collab with REDKEN brews and your part within this collaboration?
Day Studios represents a very broad and unique style which really holds no barriers. Redken embraces the creative aspects of hair, so it was only right that we did a collab together. As for myself, I’ve travelled globally and worked alongside many great artists, and to be apart of the Redken team is amazing.

Tell us about the background of the collection.
I came up with the term “Anti-Generic” to describe the latest collection. We’ve always had to deal with generic trends sweeping through like a storm. I believe as an artist it is our job to create a character which is best suited to the individual. With the vision of Andy Tan (Photography) and Steven Elbers (Videography) , and an array of lights, we were able to capture characters, whilst portraying individuality.


Fotografie: Andy Tan
Andy Tan @Pim Thomassen agency